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The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) has been evaluated by four independent agencies representing interests from around the world.

Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ)
Second Phase
Pilot Project for Evaluating the Segway HT in Real Conditions (PDF)
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The Second Phase of a two-phase report detailed use of the Segway PT by 143 participants who rode more than 9,000 total kilometres on sidewalks, paths, and roadway shoulders, in three major cities located in the Province of Quebec. The report noted that no incident or serious injury, nor any Segway PT/pedestrian collision or physical interference, was reported during the evaluation. Upon completion the study “Recommendations” indicate that Segway PTs should be allowed to operate on urban pedestrian areas and that such use will have little impact on user safety and still less on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and other walkway users.
Publish Date: April 2006

Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ)
First Phase
Pilot Project for Evaluating Motorised Personal Transportation Devices (PDF)
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The first phase of the two-phase report detailed information discovered during the evaluation of motorised personal transportation devices (MPTD) specifically, the ergonomic, operational and technical aspects of the devices. Findings included that the Segway PT was very stable and gave users a feeling of being in control. Also, Segway PTs compared favorably to other types of devices and were far superior in the area of stability as compared to bicycles and mopeds. Lastly the report noted that the Segway PT could meet a large number of mobility requirements for a broad market, could facilitate transfers to other forms of transportation, and serve as an alternative to automobiles.
Publish date: May 2004

German Federal Board for Road Traffic - Segway in Public Spaces (PDF)
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The three-month study was conducted by the German government in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Commerce of the Saarland, Saarbruken Police Department, and Municipal Office of Neunkirchen. Results for braking, steering and general handling of the device were very favorable. The study also reports that Segway PTs are best suited for bicycle lanes and pedestrian traffic areas.
Publish Date: March 2006

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Managing Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) On Nonmotorised Facilities (PDF)
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This study researched the use of various personal mobility devices such as electric scooters, powered wheelchairs and Segway PTs on non-motorised infrastructure including sidewalks and bike lanes/paths. Overall the study found that Segway PTs would have medium impact or risk to others (namely pedestrians), the same which was found true of joggers and runners. As a comparison, bicycles were found to have medium to large impact or risk to others.
Publish Date: October 2005

U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration
Characteristics of Emerging Road Users & Their Safety (PDF) download from our site
Characteristics of Emerging Road Users & Their Safety (Summary) (PDF) download from our site

The study was undertaken to clarify the operational characteristics of both motoried and non-motorised transportation\. Data was collected to obtain physical dimensions, turning capabilities, acceleration, speed and stopping distance of these devices. The Segway PT and its rider were found to have the second shortest braking distance, highest sight lines, one of the smallest footprints, and quickest perception-reaction time. The Segway PT met or exceeded all recommendations made by the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Guide to the Development of Bicycle Facilities.
Publish date: October 2004

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