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More than 1,000 municipalities, airports, military bases, private security firms, emergency response teams, and other public and private safety organisations can't be wrong. They've all stepped up to the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for patrolling, and are connecting more with the communities they serve; keeping people safer; responding more quickly; and preventing crime.

Browse our video library to learn more about the new Segway Patroller and how patrolling officers, regardless of industry, are using Segway PTs in their daily rounds.

High Visibility;
High Impact

Learn about the enhancements that make the Segway Patroller stand out from the crowd.

Patroller Features

Tactical bag, height adjust and other changes make the Segway Patroller your new partner.

Sonae Sierra: Commercial Security

Bringing security innovations to European shopping centres.

Bridgeport PD: Community Policing

Segway PTs give a big boost to community-based policing.

Segway PTs at the Super Bowl

Securing large stadiums and high profile events.


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