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Corporate and contract security firms are faced with the challenges of optimizing the productivity and performance of their manned guard services within increasingly tight budget constraints. Segway has been working with security professionals around the globe to implement Segway PTs and provide maximum patrol coverage while decreasing emergency response time. With more than 1,000 installations worldwide, Segway is the leader in alternative transportation for patrol.

"We have calculated that one Segway PT produces a manpower savings of a man and one half - or at least $50,000 to $60,000 dollars per year per unit. That's a great return on our investment." Tom Dorgan, Security Manager, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

The Segway PT provides a core set of benefits when used in a patrolling environment:

  • Multiply Your Force: patrol officers complete their patrol coverage duties up to three times faster and can do so more frequently when using a Segway PT versus walking.
  • Improve Visibility: the Segway PT's higher platform height affords the patrol officer improved sightlines and visibility within their environment.
  • Promote Interaction and Awareness within a Patrol Environment: the form factor and overall design of the Segway PT enables patrol officers to engage with people and situations in a way that's different than anything else. They're more approachable and carry a greater presence.
  • Improve Response Time and Reduce Fatigue: the Segway PT allows a patrol officer to respond to emergency situations faster and with less physical exertion for more effective response.
  • Adaptable to the Setting: the Segway PT is utilized in a variety of patrol environments and easily transitions from indoor to outdoor settings. Cargo options enable riders to carry essential equipment with them.

McCormick Place Convention Center (PDF)

Nearly three million people visit Chicago's McCormick Place® each year, most of them as attendees or exhibitors at one of the hundreds of meetings and conventions hosted by the facility. Security Manager Tom Dorgan relies on the Segway PT to assist his team's patrolling and surveillance efforts.


Sonae Sierra Case Study (PDF)

Learn how large shopping centers like Sonae Sierra in Lisbon, Portugal increase their security personnel's productivity with the Segway PT.


Security Industry Overview (PDF)

Download a short presentation that includes company history, current customers, and related market information to share with others in your organisation.

Designed with the patrolling officer in mind - learn more about the features of the new Segway Patroller - Click Here
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