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The Segway PT has been called “the greatest community policing tool ever” by being the ultimate icebreaker for positive interactions and intelligence-led policing. It's innovative policing technology your agency can use to re-engage with the public.


Manage crowds and patrol diverse terrain, indoors and out. Be as versatile and manoeuvrable as on foot, but cover more area, and respond more quickly with greater visibility.


Police Overview (PDF)

Download a short presentation that includes company history, current customers, and related market information to share with others in your organisation.


Bridgeport Case Study (PDF)

Read on to learn how the Segway PT has become the Bridgeport Police Department's most valuable community policing tool.


Training & Implementing the Segway PT In a Patrol Environment (PDF)

The Washington Metro PD provides specialized Segway PT training within its vehicle skills unit. Members of the department believe the Segway PT is an extension of the department's philosophy, which includes the innovative use of people and technology to protect the public.


Law Officer Magazine Feature Article, April 2008 (PDF)

Learn how campus security, beach patrol, bomb squads, and municipal police departments use the versatile Segway PT in their daily patrols.

Designed with the patrolling officer in mind - learn more about the features of the new Segway Patroller - Click Here
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