Introducing the Segway Patroller;
complete with greater visibility.

From the top down, this new piece of patrolling arsenal has been designed with you in mind. You had visibility; we made you more visible with über-reflective shields. You started adding on lights; we packaged them better (and made them brighter). You stuck your organisation insignia wherever you could; we created a better place for it. You wanted to carry more; we made the bag bigger. You wanted to feel okay about dumping the unit if you had to; we added a bumper that enables you to do just that. Take a look at the enhancements and you get why the Segway PT is the best choice for moving officers around and keeping people safer.

Optic yellow and white reflectivity

We noticed a trend in public safety – especially in Europe – with the increasing use of optic yellow to provide greater visibility of the rider. It is appearing in apparel, as decals on vehicles, and now it comes standard on the Segway Patroller. If it doesn't jibe with your organisation, there's also white; both of which are made from 3M™ DiamondGrade™ reflective material. That's the same high-grade stuff you see on street signs and vehicle edging. Shine a light at it and it shines right back at you with nearly blinding intensity.

You can choose black reflective identification lettering for police in multiple languages or security in English.

Red/blue or amber/white strobe lighting

Just below the top shield and above the centre of the handlebar is a window that allows the integrated strobe lights to shine through. Choose between flashing red and blue or amber and white .

Tried-and-true technology; two base models

Each Segway PT uses patented dynamic stabilisation technology that has been proven in the marketplace as a superior solution in crowded or tight venues. It empowers riders with unparalleled manoeuvrability (true zero turning radius) and a unique user interface that is so fluid we simply call it LeanSteer™ technology.

i2 Patroller

Think about where you'll be riding your Segway Patroller. If it's mostly indoor or over smooth terrain, consider the Segway Patroller i2 model. Its smaller tyres help to maximise range; getting you up to 39 km on a single charge.


x2 Patroller

If it's more rugged terrain you'll be traveling over outdoors, the x2 may be a better option for your organisation. Its deeply treaded tyres help carry you over dirt and loose gravel while providing for a comfortable ride.

Accessorise it your way

Have specific needs? There are a number of cargo, lighting and other accessory options available from Segway. Speak to a representative to discuss the options that are available.

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