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Segway PTs currently assist military and public service personnel at a growing number of bases and deployments in many applications, including general policing and security patrols, EOD and HAZMAT, maintenance crews, IT, flight operations, and general supervisory and personnel movement.

“With 69 buildings to cover, that's no small distance. It takes an airman on a Segway [PT] about 20 minutes to travel the same route that took 1 ½ hours to walk.” Segway [PTs] a hit at Osan - Stars & Stripes, 9.11.07


  • Manage crowds and patrol diverse terrain, indoors and out. Be as versatile and manoeuvrable as on foot, but cover more area, and respond more quickly with greater visibility.
  • Complies with Executive Order 13423

Executive Order 13423

  • Purchase directly from the GSA schedule (Segway contract number GS-07F-0182N)

Military Overview (PDF)

Download a short presentation that includes company history, current customers, and related market information to share with others in your organisation.

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