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Life With a Segway PT is a Blast.

Timi Most

52 years old
Part-time bookkeeper
Menlo Park, CA

I live in Menlo Park, CA which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have three sons and I work part-time as a bookkeeper. Life with a Segway PT is a blast!

I have been convinced since I first saw the Segway PT that it is an important transportation device from a personal and environmental perspective.

I knew the Segway PT would be life changing for me, and it is. I love the outdoors and do all I can to enjoy it with my family. Now that I have my Segway PT, I can keep up and go places that I haven't been able to do for many years.

Today, I went over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and then traveled along the edge of the San Francisco Bay on a gravel trail for kilometres. It was glorious to be out and moving with my family. My youngest son, Alexander, calls our outings "Segway Adventure". We pick a destination and go. Often when we adventure out he travels by bike and we go exploring together. On Mother's Day I went on my Segway PT with Alexander on his bike from our home to the Stanford Campus and the Cantor Museum for lunch at their terrace cafe. It was a blast.

I also use the ecologically friendly Segway PT to go to the bank, drugstore, grocery store and to get haircuts.

I am amazed and pleased at what an over whelming positive reaction we get from people wherever we go. The majority of people know what a Segway PT is and are pleased to see one and ask questions. I have even given a demonstration and presentation about the science and technology of the Segway at my son's school. We have given dozens of people tryouts on the machine. Everyone is so excited and positive about the experience.

The Segway PT is so much fun! I love the positive difference the Segway PT is making in my life. I am appreciative that I am using an environmentally friendly transportation device.

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