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It's a Great Ice-Breaker.

Terry Perdue

Electronic engineer
Kenmore, WA

One of my reasons for purchasing a Segway PT was that my six mile commute is within range, as are many services that I would normally drive to. So here was an appealing new piece of technology that I not only wanted, but could actually justify! I use it to go to the gym, which is at the top of a two mile long hill, the barber, post office, bank, and quick trips to the store. Since my wife commutes by public transportation, the need for being a two-car family has since become questionable.

No, I don't normally dress up to ride it, (but I could, and I'd arrive at my destination without a wrinkle). I've met many nice people that I wouldn't have otherwise; it's a great ice-breaker.

The unique feeling of riding a Segway PT hasn't diminished a bit for me in three months, and I continue to be amazed by it.

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