Segway for Business


I tried using a golf cart a couple of years ago, but it was not effective because I had to leave it at the door of the shop. The Segway PT is another story. It is about as wide as I am so I can travel through doorways, get anywhere on the shop floor and drive right up to the operator's table and see what he is working on.

Warehouse Case Studies

Segway PTs are transforming the way facility managers and personnel conduct business. Convenient, efficient, and capable of carrying up to 40 lbs* of cargo, they're ideal for light industrial applications. Find out how warehouses everywhere are using Segway PTs to increase productivity, eliminate employee fatigue, and improve their bottom-line.


Here's the challenge: You have a 650,000-square-foot high-tech manufacturing facility encompassing three multi-level buildings, and twice a day your engineering and maintenance department must check each of the 45 gas-delivery pressure gauges spread throughout the vast manufacturing system. Moreover, when a manufacturing emergency occurs in some region of the facility, you need to get a technician to the scene as quickly as possible to address the problem. The solution? The Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Baker Tankhead Inc.

Baker Tankhead, Inc. a Fort Worth, Texas industrial manufacturer with a nine-acre campus, uses Segway PTs to increase their employees' productivity, range, and maneuverability among the multiple buildings. Read more to learn how the Segway PT has enabled personnel to travel indoors and out, staying fresh and productive throughout the day.

Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan® Furniture, a family-owned furniture retailer in the northeastern United States was faced with the challenge of improving operational productivity within their 600,000 sq.ft. (55,742 sq.m.) distribution facility. Effective management of their spoke-and-hub distribution system covering seven states is essential to delivering customer's furniture within their three day policy. Learn how a small fleet of Segway i2s helped the company achieve operational efficiency and reinforce their environmental policies at the same time.

Manoeuvrable, Gas-free

Low maintenance solutions for increased productivity.

i2 Cargo