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The unique features and design of the Segway PT make it an optimal transportation device for touring local attractions and other points of interest. City tours, hotels & resorts, cruise ships, parks and other recreational areas are just some of the opportunities for operating a Segway PT tour business.

Segway PT models and accessories offer options that suit both the rider and the rider environment. With affordable leasing options, low operating costs and available guidelines for getting started, a Segway PT tour operation can become profitable within the first year of operation. Examples of tour and rental operations include:

Segway guided tours are quickly becoming an attraction in nearly every tourist destination. Potential tour opportunities include city tours, local attractions, hotels and resorts, parks, and other recreational areas. With leasing opportunities available for tour fleets, tours can see a return on investment in the first year of operation. To learn more about starting a tour or rental business, contact us.
(PDF) Segway PT for Tours
Learn why Segway PTs are a unique solution to promote and grow a business while setting you apart from competition.

(PDF) Getting Started Checklist
Here's a quick list of items that illustrate the recommended steps for building a successful Segway PT tour business.
Resort and hotel facilities use Segway PTs to enhance guest experiences via recreational tours or through guest services, and to improve the operational efficiency of their employees.
(PDF) Epcot Case Study
The expansive Walt Disney World Resort covers more than 20,000 acres of property, and operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Learn how the Segway PT helps enhance guest satisfaction and increase operational efficiencies.
Golf Courses
Course owners and operators have discovered a new way to liven up the links, improve the speed of play, cut down on costly turf maintenance, and add incremental revenue to their bottom line with the Segway x2 Golf.
(PDF) Golf course management
case study

Learn how the x2 Golf can differentiate your course from the rest.

(PDF) Gentler on the Turf
See how the x2 Golf is much kinder to the turf than a golf cart.

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