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Personal Transporters

Extend the capabilities of your employees, please your customers and protect your grounds with the low-impact, high efficiency Segway PT.


The i2 Commercial Cargo is a manoeuvrable, gas-free, low maintenance solution for increased productivity.

"The Segway PT saves us time and makes us more productive. We spend less time moving to and from different areas, and more time doing our jobs."

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Tourism & Promotions

Entities around the globe have discovered by the benefit of utilising Segway PTs to generate profitable and innovative business opportunities in the tourism and promotional industries.


Customise your Segway PT with accessories designed for safety, convenience, comfort, and utility.

Segway PT Support

Check out our FAQ, manuals and guides, and safety studies for a full range of Segway PT information.

Increased Productivity

Enable your employees to carry more while covering greater distances in less time with the Segway PT.

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