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This calculator is intended to provide a quick illustration of what Segway® PT can do for your business. Because every business is slightly different, bear in mind that this interactive tool is only meant to provide a general gauge of your company's savings. To see a more detailed, customized analysis focusing specifically on your company and the way you operate, please register and a member of our sales team will contact you.

To use this tool, just fill out the fields listed below and click the Calculate button. This calculation is based on a per employee basis and requires Javascript be enabled.

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Miles walked per day:  
% of time spent walking per day:  
Annual salary per Employee:
Average hourly outlay per employee:
Based on 300 working days in a year and an 8 hour day.
Please enter your number if this is different.
Average number of hours spent walking per day:
Based on a walking speed of 2.5 MPH.
Time taken to accomplish
the same task on Segway PT:
Based on your ability to travel 3 times your walking speed.
Total Estimated Annual Savings
Attributed to Segway PT:
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This calculator is solely for informational purposes. Results will vary by industry and your business situation.

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