Segway for Business


Companies who have discovered the benefits.

Companies in a variety of different industries have realised the benefits of integrating Segway® Personal Transporters (PTs) into their business operations. Hundreds of companies and organisations in dozens of industries are maximising their employees' time using Segway PTs in their day-to-day business. Read about the ways these organisations are using Segway PTs to create visibility, enhance productivity and save money.

“The Segway PT enables me to go anywhere I want as often as I want, and I am just as fresh at the end of the day as I am at the beginning. Not only am I able to devote more time to supervising our manufacturing, but I am also more productive throughout the day.”
- John Asfar
Manager of Application Tooling and Design,
Baker Tankhead, Inc.
“Market research has shown that in the golf business you must differentiate your facility, develop programs that encourage loyalty to the club, and continually seek to make the game more fun in order to be successful. Having Segway x2 Golf units at our facility satisfies all three criteria, making it the perfect investment.”
- Bob McGrath,
General Manager,
San Jose Municipal Golf Course
“There were some cost savings in operations but the biggest advantage for us was that communication with our guests increased. Guest satisfaction is a key driver in our business. As guest satisfaction increased, so did the morale of the cast members who use Segway PTs in their jobs. The folks who use it on a daily basis absolutely love it. They can't imagine going back to their roles without it.”
- John Eric Sovocool,
Technology & Show Manager,


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