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In 2001, Dean Kamen announced the arrival of the first self-balancing, zero emissions personal transportation vehicle: the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). Founded on the vision to develop highly-efficient, zero-emission transportation solutions using dynamic stabilisation technology, Segway’s research and development was focused on creating devices that took up a minimal amount of space, were extremely manoeuvrable and could operate on pedestrian sidewalks and pathways.

In 2006, the second generation Segway PTs were introduced. All the products feature breakthrough LeanSteer™ technology and a wireless InfoKey™ controller that enhance the Segway experience by making the ride even more intuitive and adding new and useful functions.

Today, Segway continues to develop safe, unique transportation solutions that address urban congestion and pollution and leverage our in-house expertise. No matter the platform, our products allow you to experience more with less.

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